Tim has a diverse background in engagement, bridging physical and digital experiences.  His hands on experience in digital technology, design, and delivery make him a strong partner and resource for creative talent.  

His areas of expertise include User Experience, Information Architecture, Usability Research, User Interface Design, Interaction Design, front end development and mobile technologies.

I came to New York to train at NYU/Tisch School of the Arts and the Atlantic Acting School. A rigorous curriculum of moment work and active listening drove me to explore programs in Commedia del’arte in Florence and physical theater and clowning in Chile. While studying “dream performance” and the shared physical languages of repressed bodies, I dove into an exploration of how I could deepen my investigation into non-verbal communication.

When I landed back in New York, I quickly found my way into the world of Sleep No More and The Tenant building and supporting closed experiential ecosystems with amazing teams of inquisitive performers and makers. I spent a year in shadowy rooms standing in dark corners, behind curtains, around columns, and in doorways silently observing and at times, intervening to protect and preserve the magic. I left the McKittrick and West-Park Presbyterian enriched with the knowledge of how individuals behave when they feel that they are invisible, how people behave when they are building their own constructs inside of a larger contained bubble. I was enchanted with the invitation to engage. The loosely framed and obscure structures provide audiences and performers new spaces to encounter each other.

I took this fascination to the digital space and started investigating ways I could bring what I learned in crafting physical spaces and encounters to clients wrestling with ways to innovate their products and services on mobile and web platforms.  With a focus on storytelling and problem solving, I evolved from a UX to Creative Project Management and Creative Delivery management finding unique ways to satisfy client needs through supporting my team to craft superior experiences and solutions.

Today, I can be found connecting smart designers and practitioners working together to create new digital spaces and services.  

The quest, better storytelling and more seamless experiences that bring joy and simplicity to light.

Tim Gilligan.  Photo Courtesy of  Michael George.

Tim Gilligan.  Photo Courtesy of Michael George.